Digital access - TSP

All subscribers to The Saturday Paper receive full digital access to The Saturday Paper website as well as via the iPhone, iPad and Android apps, for the duration of their subscription. Each issue of The Saturday Paper will be available online and via the apps every Saturday.

Please use your Schwartz Media account, which you registered when you subscribed, to log in to The Saturday Paper website and apps. If you subscribe to both The Saturday Paper and the Monthly, please use the same username and password to log in to the websites.

For digital access, you will first need to activate your account.

If you subscribed online, your account has already been activated.

If you subscribed over the phone, your account may have been activated for you. If not, please register your account.

Please note that your Schwartz Media account only needs to be activated once. If an online account already exists with your current email address, you can obtain a new password by resetting your password.

Once your account has been activated, subscribers will be able to log in to The Saturday Paper website and apps, and enjoy full digital access.

Please note that the crossword is not available on the digital edition.